Metos Professional Kitchen Planner is an easy-to-use application for designing a commercial kitchen that best suits your needs.

Metos Professional Kitchen Planner's appliance library contains symbols for 600 of the most important appliances that allow you to visualise your kitchen's space usage and costs. You may outline wall structures for the kitchen, and then fill the space with desired appliances and furniture. By clicking the 3D view, you can see your plan from different angles. You can print the plan and save it for later editing. The application works with PC and Mac devices with a keyboard and mouse.

Metos Professional Kitchen Planner needs Adobe AIR SDK to work. Download Adobe AIR to your own computer from the link below.
Install Adobe AIR first, then Metos Professional Kitchen Planner application.
Please note that the appliance symbols used in the program are model products intended for the planning stage. Images related to the structural design of the kitchen and the offer are always drawn up on the basis of the currently available devices. If you need help with your project, the Metos kitchen planning department is at your service. Just send us your plan, and we will help with the details and send you a quote.