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Dishwasher Metos WD-7A with Break Tank

Good working environment, excellent hygiene and optimal washing results make the Metos WD-7A combined dishwasher one of the best hood-type dishwashers available…

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Good working environment, excellent hygiene and optimal washing results make the Metos WD-7A combined dishwasher one of the best hood-type dishwashers available in the market.

The Metos WD-7A dishwasher has an automatic hood lifting system which is operated with a push button. The minimum cold water pressure in the automatic hood lifting system is 300 kPa. The bottom washing jet's pressure may be adjusted to suit washing of pots and pans which, together with the three washing programmes of the dishwasher, increase flexibility and make the machine suitable for various dishwashing needs. The height (505 mm) and width (605 mm) inside the hood enable washing of plates, glasses and cutlery as well as baking trays, large bowls, GN dishes and 600x400 transport boxes.

The washing and rinsing times as well as the rinsing water temperature may be adjusted as necessary which enables creation of an individual washing programme for example for pans. Alarms for a too low water temperature and an insufficient amount of rinsing water. If the rinsing water temperature falls below 85°C, the washing cycle continues until the required rinsing water temperature has been reached. The dishwasher checks the availability of sufficient rinsing water capacity for the final rinsing cycle, and an alarm sounds if there is not enough rinsing water. Washing water is removed from the washing arms prior to rinsing to protect clean dishes from the dripping washing water. The unique structure of the hood prevents steam from rising towards the face of the user when the hood is being opened.

The chosen programme, temperature and the remaining washing time are displayed on the control panel. Additionally, the total daily number as well as the total over-all number of baskets loaded and washed in the machine are displayed on the control panel. The dishwasher informs the user of a closed water tap as well as of a detached overflow pipe. The dishwasher is easy to keep clean with the help of an automatic cleaning programme. The stand-by function enables maintaining the basin temperature during longer pauses between wash cycles. When the stand-by function is on, the hood of the dishwasher is closed and the washing programme cannot be started.

- automatic lifting and lowering of the hood
- Break Tank: equipped with a booster pump
- three washing cycles: 1.2, 1.7 and 3.2 minutes
- free height of the washing area is 505 mm
- automatic cleaning programme
- diagnostics
- stand-by function
- unclogging washing arms
- pump power output 1.1 kW
- boiler 9 kW
- electronic control
- sound and thermal insulation
- basin volume 52 l
- basket size 500x500 mm

- rinse dosage device
- basket for plates
- basket for cups
- cutlery basket

ACCESSORIES (ordered separately)
- liquid washing detergent dosage device
- HACCP (WEB Tool)
- steam hood is installed at the back of the dishwasher preventing the steam from entering the room and guides it to the ventilation duct.
- equipped with a high pressure pump
- connected to cold water tap (equipped with a 12kW boiler, 25A)
- steam condenser for cold water tap connected dishwashers
- steam condenser and heat recovery for cold water tap connected dishwashers
- control automatic for ventilation blower
Description Dishwasher Metos WD-7A with Break Tank
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity a. 50 racks/hour
Item width mm 660/761
Item depth mm 657/720
Item height mm 1540/2080±25
Package volume 1.016 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 76.5x80.5x165 cm
Net weight 120 kg
Package weight 125 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 10.1
Fuse Size A 16
Connection voltage V 400
Number of phases 3NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Type of electrical connection Semifixed
Electrical conn. height mm 570±50
Hot water diam. 1/2"
Hot water flow l/min 18
Hot water conn. height mm 232
Drain diameter 50
Drain flow l/s 3
Drain conn. height mm 215
Sound level dB 63
Heat load sensitive W 1700
Heat load latent W 600