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Metos WD-90 DUO Hoodtype Combi dishwasher

Insulated design with automatic hood lifting. Capacity 6+1 pcs 1/1-65 containers

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Insulated design with automatic hood lifting. Capacity 6+1 pcs 1/1-65 containers
- can be use both standards baskets and granule cassetts
- break tank, always optimal final rinse water flow
- patented washing system quarantees A good washing and drying result thanks to the high speed centrifuging
- hygiene warranty easies up the HACCP: the electronics of the machine cotrols the washing process
- amasingly low running costs: the machine uses only 4-6 litres fresh water in the final rinse. This also leads to lower consupmtion of energy, rinse aid and detergent.
- round potwashing cassette for efficient wash process
- room for 65mm deep 2/1 container
- room for 600 x 400 mm baking plates
- flexible Rack: GN containers and other cooking utensils easily placed in the Rack without troublesome extra equipment
- 9 washing times (wash times are adjustable)
- 3 for normal wash for glass and china 1,3/1,8/3,3 min
- 3 for heavily soiled wash with granulate 5,1/8,1/10,9 min
- 3 for without granulate 2,5/4,0/7,0 min
- total tank volume 90l
- sound level with granulate wash 70 DB

Equipped with:
- 1 round potwashing cassette
- 1 dishwashingbasket for plates
- 1 dishwashingbasket for cutlerys
- 1 dishwashingbasket for pglasses
- cleaning scraper and 5 kg granules

- Condensing unit with heat recovery by exhaust steam
- Extra round potwashing cassette
- Granules 10kg
- Cleaning scraper
Description Metos WD-90 DUO Hoodtype Combi dishwasher
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 7 GN 1/1 containers per cycle
Capacity 6+1 GN1/1 or 500X500 basket
Item width mm 850
Item depth mm 1063
Item height mm 1719/2416 +-25
Package volume 2.052 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 120x90x190 cm
Net weight 280 kg
Package weight 300 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 11.7
Fuse Size A 20
Connection voltage V 400
Number of phases 3NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Protection rating (IP) 55
Type of electrical connection Fixed
Electrical conn. height mm 1800
Cold water diam. 1/2"
Cold water min pressure kPa 250
Cold water max pressure kPa 600
Cold water conn. height mm 1800
Hot water diam. 1/2"
Hot water flow l/min 5
Hot water conn. height mm 1800
Drain diameter 50
Drain flow l/s 3
Drain conn. height mm 125
Sound level dB 70
Heat load sensitive W 1000
Heat load latent W 500
Boiler power kW 12
Operation type electronical
Features granule or normal wash
Amount of programs 9
Insulation insulated
Method of washing granule wash
Drain pump 2
Energy and Consumption
Power type electric

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