Metos as an employer 

A good employee experience is important to us and we constantly develop our operations in cooperation with our personnel.  

A good employee experience is based on comprehensive orientation, meaningful work, a pleasant atmosphere at work, helpfulness, good management and inclusion in the work community – the things we all hope to have in our workplace. Ensuring occupational well-being and safety is very important to us, as our goal is a healthy and safe working environment – a well-functioning work community where people thrive. Metos’ employees typically stay in our service for a long time. The average length of employment is 12 years. 
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Improving the work experience as much as possible is important to us. We have a good time at work because our work community is open, we help each other in our work and we are friendly to each other.


In your free time, you can make use of our hobby clubs, sports and cultural benefits and holiday cottages.


In addition to offering congratulations, we celebrate long careers and happy life events, such as the addition of a new family member, with a gift item.


Become a specialist in the professional kitchen industry. Versatile tasks and projects give you the opportunity to develop your skills.


Enjoy an excellent lunch at our premises in Kerava in our cozy staff restaurant.


Our units organize fun and refreshing events where we can all put our work aside for a while and enjoy being together.

”At Metos, have a really good team spirit. As someone who just started at the company, it is nice that everyone tries to help me learn new things and deal with challenging situations, despite their own busy schedules. Metos is also a well-known brand in the hospitality industry, so communication with customers has gone smoothly. Customer interactions are characterized by mutual respect and working together.”

– Ville, regional manager

Equity and equality

We want to be a workplace where every employee feels valued and heard – regardless of age, gender, nationality or other background. We believe that diversity is an asset and an essential part of a successful organization. 

We have a working group whose goal is to promote equity, equality and diversity. We want to develop the operating methods and culture of our workplace and shape practices to meet the needs of our personnel now and in the future.  

Our goal is a constantly improving employee experience

We want to develop our operations continuously and to be able to offer our personnel a good setting for their work. We regularly monitor the employee experience with the help of personnel surveys organized by our partner. The aim of the survey is to get honest and valuable information from our staff about both things that are going well and areas where there is room for improvement. The feedback is utilized in the development of our operations by implementing measures created at both the company and unit level into everyday work. In addition, we ask for feedback from our new employees at the beginning of the employment relationship and hold exit interviews at the end of the employment relationship.

We also make sure that our physical work environment is safe and ergonomic and constantly develop our digital operations. 

A unique network of experts

While developing services for professional kitchens across their entire life cycle, as well as our own equipment manufacturing, we have also created a unique network of experts. Long-term investment in our own product development, manufacturing and various industry services requires versatile skills. Consequently, competence is one of our values. 

Digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence and other technological developments also influence the development of the professional kitchen industry, which constantly challenges the development of our expertise as a pioneer in the industry. As colleagues, we want people who want to work together, who have an interest in the professional kitchen industry and a customer-oriented attitude.

We are part of the Oikotie Responsible Workplace community. Being involved means that we commit to the principles of responsible employment and to bearing responsibility by constantly developing more responsible ways to work by, for example, learning from others, encouraging by example and influencing through action. We want all our experts to be able to say with pride that they work in a responsible workplace. 


Versatile work

Due to its wide range of products and services, Metos offers versatile work tasks ranging from design to assembly, sales, maintenance, warehouse work and various office tasks. We want our community to be open and always learning.

What is it like to work at Metos? Read the experiences of our employees below.

"I like that the working hours are flexible and the atmosphere is encouraging. In my opinion, Metos has a very good working atmosphere, everyone greets colleagues and is friendly to each other."

– Anne, logistics employee

”In my opinion, Metos is a stable company where everyone does good work. I also like the fact that a lot of attention is paid to the employees and their benefits."

–Admiro, welder

"I especially like the fact that there are good opportunities for advancement and further training available. The company is supportive and encouraging if you want to further your education in some way or are interested in taking on more challenging tasks. The flexible working hours and supportive colleagues are also worth mentioning! Feel free to be yourself."

– Anna-Kaisa, supervisor

Open jobs

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”All in all, Metos has a really warm atmosphere, like a second home.”
-Sanna Lisko, maintenance service manager, Oulu