Service leasing

Service leasing gives you key kitchen equipment that is always serviced and functional, and productive every day. The service leasing price includes the equipment itself and the maintenance costs for the contract period, so you avoid unexpected expenses and disruptions that disturb your work. 

Service leasing can remove the need for a large one-time capital investment, as the lease costs are evenly distributed over the period of use of the equipment. Service leasing is suitable for private companies as well as for financing public procurements. In service leasing, the monthly payment is fixed and determined by the degree of use of the equipment. 

When applying for service leasing financing, you do not need separate collateral, as the equipment you lease serves as collateral. In addition, the lease is tax deductible. A fixed monthly lease throughout the contract period makes your budgeting and financial planning easier. The contract period for service leasing is four years, during which you have the right to use the equipment. The number and timing of periodic maintenance visits are planned according to the degree of use of the kitchen and the equipment. After the contract period, the equipment can either be purchased, a new contract made and the equipment replaced with new ones, or the equipment can be returned to a location indicated by Metos.

There are always two parties in service leasing financing: the customer and the seller. As a customer, you choose the equipment for your professional kitchen, after which you can apply for service leasing through us. As a seller, Metos delivers the equipment and agrees with the customer on an extension after the end of the service leasing period.


Contact our sales, and we will make you an individual service leasing offer.

The advantages of service leasing

  • Your key kitchen equipment is always serviced and functional 
  • The equipment serves as collateral for the leasing contract, and no other collateral is required 
  • Financial planning and budgeting becomes easier, because the monthly lease is fixed and remains the same throughout the contract period 
  • Capital does not need to be tied up in fixed assets  
  • Periodic maintenance is always performed at a suitable time agreed with the kitchen, so the resulting disruption to work can be mitigated with planning
  • We are the manufacturer or official importer of the equipment we market, and we have a direct contact with the supplier, which allows us to quickly obtain spare parts and repair the equipment to working order
  • In all our maintenance work, we only use spare parts supplied by the original manufacturer to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment
  • Our service technicians are trained in all brands sold by Metos, and their competence is ensured by annual refresher training

The service leasing financing model

  1. The customer chooses the equipment they want, the contract period of service leasing is four years.
  2. The customer signs the leasing contract when the financing decision has been approved. 
  3. The equipment is delivered and installed for the customer according to Metos Oy's General Terms of Delivery.
    When delivery has taken place, the obligation to pay lease to Metos Oy begins. The lease is billed in advance every three months.
  4. After the lease period, the following options are possible:
    a. The customer can purchase the equipment from Metos Oy for a sum equivalent to four months' lease.
    b. The equipment can be replaced with new ones, in which case the old equipment is returned to Metos, and a new leasing agreement is made for the new equipment.
    c. The customer can return the equipment at the customer’s own expense to a location indicated by Metos.

Other costs to be added to service leasing

The lease price includes
  • financing contract starting and invoicing fees
  • the equipment
  • freight and installation
  • user training for the equipment
  • the agreed periodic maintenance visits, including measurements, tests, adjustments and replacement of failed components according to the maintenance program. The work will be done at the agreed time on weekdays between 7 am and 4 pm, and travel expenses and the necessary parts are included.
  • all other maintenance procedures required by the equipment throughout the contract period, including wearing parts of the equipment, such as lamps and gaskets, excluding detergents
The lease price does not include
  • repairing defects caused by operating errors or improper use
  • maintenance work outside normal working hours (Mon–Fri 7:00–16:00)
  • the costs of the on-call maintenance service
  • equipment insurance; the customer must insure the equipment covered by the contract with their own insurance company and deliver a copy of the policy to Metos Oy

The end of a service leasing agreement

When the service leasing agreement ends, we will contact you about the extension. You can choose from three options:
a. You can purchase the equipment from Metos Oy for a sum equivalent to four months' rent.
b. The equipment can be exchanged for new ones, in which case the old equipment is returned to Metos, and a new leasing agreement is made for the new equipment.
c. You can return the equipment at your own expense to a location indicated by Metos.