Metos general sales and warranty terms

Terms of sale

Metos sells its products to business customers and public entities in Finland. Sales contracts comply with the Finnish Sale of Goods Act, unless otherwise stipulated in these terms of sale. Metos Oy Ab is referred to below as "Metos" and the company doing business with Metos as "Customer" . Metos can unilaterally change the terms of sale by announcing them on its website.

Prices are net prices in Euro, VAT 0%. Gross price list from this link.
Due to continuous product development, Metos reserves the right to change products, product information and prices. The prices and conditions of sale in force at the time of ordering shall apply. Changes imposed by law shall enter into force on the date of entry into force of the regulations without further notice. 

Delivery time
The current availability of each product is stated in the Webshop. Products marked "Available" in the Webshop will be delivered the next business day after the order, and they will be received by the Customer within 2–5 business days. However, if the ordered product is not available, we will inform the Customer about the situation and the availability of the product.
For products marked as “on order” product, the date the product will be ready to be sent from the Kerava warehouse will be included in an order confirmation sent to the Customer.

The general delivery term of Metos is free from our warehouse EXW Kerava, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer. Packaging is included in the delivery price. If delivery is made by transport arranged by Metos, the transport is insured against transport damage for the account of Metos. 

The delivery methods are as follows:
The customer picks up the product from the OUTLET store. The address of the OUTLET store is Metos Oy Ab, Ahjonkaarre, Kerava. Outlet store opening hours and contact details can be found here.

As parcel post or as freight. EXW Kerava. Packaging is included in the price. Metos selects the method of delivery according to the product or the number of items to be transported.

Installed. The delivery includes freight, transport insurance, disconnection of the old appliance and installation of the new product to existing connections of the same capacity (water, sewer, electricity), so that the product is in working condition, and the packaging materials are taken away. 

The installation service offered by Metos includes the installation of the equipment and furniture  included in the delivery, excluding HVAC and construction/structural work. The installation work is performed on a one-visit basis on weekdays (Mon–Fri) between 7:00 and 15:30. The availability and pricing of installation work performed at other times must be agreed separately.

The installation site must be in the condition required for the installation work (construction and HVAC work, etc.), according to the agreed schedule. The route to the installation location must be unobstructed. If the Customer is responsible for transporting the equipment to the installation location, the equipment must be present in the room when the installation work begins. 

Payment methods
The method of payment shall be agreed with the Customer when the order is placed. The normal method of payment is payment by invoice, 14 days net. 
Invoices will be sent by e-invoice or otherwise electronically. We charge a handling fee of EUR 50 (+ VAT) for any billing changes notified by the customer after the invoice has been sent.

Unless otherwise agreed, Metos is entitled to invoice the agreed charges once the goods have been delivered. If the Customer does not pay the invoice by the due date, Metos is entitled to charge interest on arrears in accordance with the Interest Act (633/1982) and reasonable collection costs. The default interest shall be the reference interest rate under the Interest Act plus an additional interest rate of 7% under the Interest Act.

Metos Oy Ab retains full title to the goods sold until the purchase price has been paid in full with interest and costs.


Equipment warranty and warranty conditions

The warranty period begins on the day the item is handed over to a representative of the Customer.  If the Customer finds during the arrival inspection that there is a defect in the goods, the warranty period does not start until the day Metos has corrected the defect.

Metos gives the goods it sells a warranty against raw material and manufacturing defects. The warranty period is one (1) year. The warranty applies to products sold in Finland to their first buyer. If requested, the person requesting a warranty repair must prove the validity of the warranty. 

Warranty repair requests must be submitted without delay and during the warranty period to Metos Service, preferably by calling 020 300 300. Difficult-to-move equipment or equipment installed as a fixed part of the kithcen will be repaired at the Customer's premises if possible. The Customer must deliver easily movable products to a maintenance service provider (locations can be found at this link) for repair at their own expense and responsibility. Repaired equipment can be picked up by the Customer or delivered at the Customer's expense, using a transport method chosen by the Customer.
Warranty repairs are carried out as quickly as possible during normal working hours (Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00). If the work is performed outside of normal working hours at the Customer's request, the costs resulting from the work, including overtime compensation, will be charged.

The warranty covers repairing raw material or manufacturing defects and resulting damage that has been reported during the warranty period. The mentioned defects are corrected by repairing the product to working condition. Any defective parts replaced with new ones are the property of Metos. The warranty does not include defects caused by:
– transporting or moving the device
– the user's carelessness or negligence
– neglecting the instructions for use, maintenance or care
– circumstances beyond the control of the giver of the warranty
– repairs or maintenance performed by non-authorized technicians
– incorrect installation or incorrect positioning of the product at the place of use in relation to the user instructions or settings of the product
– using the product for other than its intended use
– the normal wear and tear of the product

The warranty also does not include the repair of defects that are irrelevant in terms of the product's functional condition or appearance. Parts that break due to natural wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. Maintenance measures explained in the operating and maintenance instructions, adjustments intended to be performed by the user and instructing the user in the use of the product are not covered by the warranty. Indirect damages are not covered by the warranty.

Liability for defective products
If there is a defect in a product or service, the Customer must inform Metos about it and give Metos the opportunity to verify the error and correct it. On a case-by-case basis, the product may either be exchanged for a new one or repaired, or a price reduction may be granted. Metos' liability for defects is limited to the purchase price paid by the Customer to Metos for the product. Metos is not responsible for direct or indirect expenses or loss of income caused by the defect or the use of products or services.



Returning the goods is accepted if the shipment does not match the order or the goods are defective, and the seller has been informed within 8 days of the Customer receiving the goods. Returns must always be agreed in advance with our OnLine salesperson. A maximum of 80% will be refunded for the return of standard products if the return is not due to the seller's error. The Customer has no right to return custom order and special products.

When the Customer returns a product they ordered, the return must be agreed with Metos. Once the return has been agreed on, a document concerning the return will be sent to the Customer. The document must be attached to the product being returned. The Customer must return the product at their own expense to Metos at the following address: Metos Oy, Tuotevarasto, Ahjonkaarre, 04220 Kerava. When Metos receives the product, it is inspected, and after it has been approved and received, the agreed sum is returned to the Customer to the same account that was used to make the payment.


Information security

The information provided by the Customer is stored in Metos' customer register. The information is used to manage and maintain the customer relationship. Metos does not disclose information to third parties. Our privacy statement can be viewed at this link