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Blast freezer room Metos MBF181RB-PFO

A trolley-filled blastfreezer room suitable for blast chilling, quick freezing and thawing. For one GN1 / 1 trolley

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A trolley-filled blastfreezer room suitable for blast chilling, quick freezing and thawing. For one GN1 / 1 trolley
- cooling capacity 60 kg (90min / + 70… + 3)
- freezing capacity 30 kg (90min / + 70… -18)
- net internal dimensions of the room: (WxDxH) 680 x 780 x 1820 mm
- electronic control and adjustable fan speed
- large impact shields to protect the interior walls of the device
- programming panel at an ergonomic height at the top of the door
- product sensor with four measuring points
- heating makes it easy to remove the product sensor from the frozen product
- ergonomic, full-length opening handle
- durable copper-aluminum evaporator
- a tightly closing door and 80 mm thick polyurethane insulation improve energy efficiency
- environmentally friendly polyurethane insulation, propelled by water- carbon dioxide
- control of the refrigeration and freezing process by means of the internal temperature and surface temperature of the product
- measurement and precise control of the smelting process by means of temperature and humidity
- easy and fast to use with preset programs
- pre-cooling function
- the possibility to adjust the speeds of the evaporator fans during the cooling process
- automatic transition to storage at the end of the rapid cooling process
- stainless steel outer and inner lining
- rounded inner corners make cleaning easier
- cooling power 4920 W
- sound pressure level 43 dB
- the declared capacities (kg / h) are nominal values and are not achievable with all foods or under all conditions

ACCESSORIES (to be ordered separately):
- self-monitoring systems

FACTORY OPTIONS (to be ordered with the device):
- remote cooling
Description Blast freezer room Metos MBF181RB-PFO
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 90kg/+70...+3, 50kg/+70...-18
Item width mm 890
Item depth mm 1325
Item height mm 2400
Package volume 3.105 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 125x176x259 cm
Net weight 600 kg
Package weight 720 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 3.941
Fuse Size A 25
Connection voltage V 400
Number of phases 3NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Protection rating (IP) 54
Type of electrical connection Semifixed
Cooling capacity W 2170
Condensing temperature °C +45
Evaporation temperature °C -25
Type of the refrigerant R452A
Sound level dB 43
Cooling unit With cooling unit