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Bowl dispenser Metos BD/UH 60-60 4S,heated

Closed platform dispenser heated with circulating air, with height-adjustable platform for storing up to 16 stacks of ø 140-300 mm round crockery items and rect…

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Closed platform dispenser heated with circulating air, with height-adjustable platform for storing up to 16 stacks of ø 140-300 mm round crockery items and rectangular crockery items with edge lengths of 160-270 mm.

With convection heating

Platform: 600 × 600 mm Max. crockery temperature: 80°C Max. 372 crockery items (with cover)

Dispenser in self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality stainless steel. Closed, smooth outer housing with thermal insulation through high-quality special insulation. Inner panelling on all sides, with high-quality mirror sheets for optimised energy usage. Stacking compartment including compartment inner panelling consisting of vertical plastic-coated struts. Removable platform made of high-quality stainless steel, with ball bearing platform guide. Consistent output height thanks to manually adjustable stainless steel tension spring system. Easy cleaning of stacking compartment from above. Reduced temperature losses and heating time thanks to cover hood made of grey polypropylene. Heated by power module with integrated motor, fan impeller and stainless steel tubular heating element for automatic convection air operation, operated using On/Off switch with integrated indicator light, thermostat-controlled using a continuously variable, ergonomically-shaped thermostat that is easy to read even from a distance, with temperature limiter as per VDE. Current supply via dimensionally stable and extractable spiral cable with angle plug. Dummy socket in switch plate as plug park. Four massive polymer corner bumpers, of which two at the upper corners of the structure that serve as bumpers and protect the equipment on all sides as well as building-side walls from being damaged, with integrated, ergonomically-shaped push bars. Dispenser runs on 4 swivel casters of which 2 with total locks, ø 4.9'' (125 mm), fastened by means of screw-on plates and several screws.

The Hupfer platform dispenser BD/UH 60-60 4S has the largest usable stacking space in comparison to other products, while two push handles installed on the corners of the unit ensure optimal handling properties. The ergonomically shaped push handles also guarantee effective protection against injuries to the hands. The installation height of 900 mm is the standard working height in food distribution.
Description Bowl dispenser Metos BD/UH 60-60 4S,heated
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 306 without or 372 with cover
Item width mm 760
Item depth mm 991
Item height mm 1084
Package volume 0.01 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 0x0x0
Net weight 91.99 kg
Package weight 92.99 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 2
Fuse Size A 10
Connection voltage V 230
Number of phases 1NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Protection rating (IP) X5
Type of electrical connection Plug
Cleaning hand wash
Function cold+warm
Power range kW 2
Max load kg 150