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Bulk brewer CB 5W NG wall OUTLET

Metos CB 5W NG is an easy-to-use, fast and reliable wall-mounted boiler unit from which filtering takes place on a five litres tank on a wagon. By combining the…

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Metos CB 5W NG is an easy-to-use, fast and reliable wall-mounted boiler unit from which filtering takes place on a five litres tank on a wagon. By combining the filtering unit with an electrically heated or insulated container and a wagon that meets your needs, you get the right coffee point for your use.

The amount of coffee filtration is selectable in litres or cups on the clear touch screen of the cooker. The display of the device controls the user when using the cooker and the dispensing of the ground coffee. The cooker has a timer that allows coffee filter or the hot water system to start at a certain time. The cooker capacity is around 30 litres per hour (around 240 cups). The filter does not start if the tank is not in position and the filter arm is turned over the tank. The flow of the filtering process can be monitored on the screen. The display can also check the total or daily consumption of coffee and coffee powder. After the coffee has been completed, the cooker informs you on the display and with the tone. The water temperature of the hot water hose in the body is adjustable from 60°C to 97°C, factory setting at 90°C. The capacity is 33 liters of hot water per hour, single-serving 2.6 liters. The volume of the insulated boiler is 4.2 liters. The energy saving function lowers the hot water temperature to 60°C if no hot water has been used during the last two hours.

The Metos CB 5W NG coffee urn works on a flow-through heating principle, so the device uses only cold and oxygen-rich water in the filtration and keeps the water temperature right throughout the filtration. According to the water hardness set, the descaling need detector indicates the need for descaling of the boiler. The body is made of stainless steel, front of aluminum.

- a hot water tap
- filter capacity approx. 30 l / h (approx. 240 coffee cups), hot water 33l/h
- the filtering amount can be selected in litres or cups
- filtering tone
-descaling need indicator
- filter arm limit sensor
- tank detector
- the hot water temperature can be adjusted from 60 °C...97°C
- touch screen
- wall model

ACCESSORIES (to be ordered separately):
- 5 l electrically heated coffee container with sealing lid
- 5 l insulated coffee container with sealing lid
- filter funnel for 5 l tank
- mixing tube for 5 l tank
-tea strainer for 5 l tank
- filler neck for 5 l tank
- glass hose brush
- coffee, tea and hot water stickers
- filter paper 101/317 (500 unit packs)
Description Bulk brewer CB 5W NG wall OUTLET
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 30 litres/hour
Item width mm 235
Item depth mm 489
Item height mm 707
Package volume 0.081 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 23.5x48.9x70.7 cm
Net weight 14 kg
Package weight 15 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 5.4
Fuse Size A 10
Connection voltage V 230
Number of phases 1NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Type of electrical connection Semifixed
Electrical conn. height mm 25
Cold water diam. 19
Cold water flow l/min 3
Cold water min pressure kPa 400
Cold water conn. height mm 25
Floor drain needed Yes