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Coffee machine Metos OptiMe 11 with white panel

Coffee machine Metos OptiMe 11 (white) is a fully automatic coffee machine specially designed for self-service use. This model comes standard with one coffee be…

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Coffee machine Metos OptiMe 11 (white) is a fully automatic coffee machine specially designed for self-service use. This model comes standard with one coffee bean container and one powder container for milk powder or cocoa powder. The color of the front panel and cladding panels is white. OptiMe always grinds coffee from fresh beans. You can offer your customers a wide range of specialty coffees, always of uniform quality and made quickly. In addition to specialty coffees, the device can also provide cocoa, as well as tea water from a separate hot water tap. Clear and illustrative, 7-inch touch screen with sweep function guides the user and provides a pleasant service experience. Special attention has been paid to the ease of operation and maintenance in the design of the device. Large containers and an indicative display allow the addition of raw materials and the emptying of the waste tank to take only a few minutes a day. Thanks to these, the coffee machine is efficiently used by customers. The device can be connected to the net, in which case, for example, the need for maintenance can be viewed remotely.

Metos OptiMe is ideal for restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, staff dining and all places where quality coffee is an important service element. The features of the device are best achieved in locations where the number of beverage portions produced is less than 125 per day. Thanks to its quiet running sound, compact size and easy cleaning, the Metos OptiMe is also very popular in office use. The device looks stylish on all four sides, so it is also suitable for free-standing installations. By varying the colors of the panels, the machine can be customized to suit the color scheme of the space and the desired corporate look. With a wide range of accessories, Metos OptiMe forms a powerful package that fits into a small space. Milk powder or fresh milk can be used in specialty coffees if a separate milk cooler is connected to the machine. The four-liter milk cooler allows fresh milk to be dispensed cold or hot, as well as the addition of milk foam to the beverage portions to be prepared. A cup warmer with a capacity of 60 cups / 144 espresso cups speeds up through peak times and saves table space.

- fast infusion time, 25-30 s / cup (120 ml)
- espresso system capacity 9.5 to 13.4 g
- one coffee bean grinder
- one coffee bean container, capacity approx. 1200 g (approx. 160 cups)
- one powder container that can be programmed for either milk or cocoa powder
- the volume of the powder container filled with milk powder is about 1400 g (about 160 cups)
- the volume of the powder container filled with cocoa powder is about 1950 g (about 120 cups)
- separate hot water tap for tea, adjustable water temperature
- lockable bean container
- mixer system with adjustable speed for excellent topping
- front panel and side and rear panels color white (RAL 9001)
- adjustable cup holder, 50-150 mm, maximum tap height 165 mm
- a usage counter that registers the cup quantities of beverages made
- large and clear 7-inch touch screen
- the display background color and the color of the LED lighting around the display can be changed
- the display informs the user of the need to fill the coffee bean and powder containers
- the display can be programmed with personalized information or advertising messages
- the screen saver mode can be programmed with company text, logo, image or video
- fast and easy to use washing program
- screen advising the user with animated instructions
- waste container capacity 3 liters (emptying every approx. 70 cups)
- thermally insulated boiler, stainless steel
- USB and SD card connection
- durable ceramic grinding blades with a service interval of about 300 ,000 cups

ACCESSORIES (to be ordered separately):
- water filter
- milk cooler
- cup warmer
- pump system for water bottle (for installations without inlet water connection)
- stand, one shelf, one drawer, lockable door and adjustable legs
- stand, one shelf, one drawer, lockable door, 26 l waste bin and adjustable legs

FACTORY OPTIONS (must be ordered with the device):
- payment system (card or coin)
- front stainless steel plate deco special pattern (sand, mirror, abstract pattern)
- back and side panels in special colors (brown, red, pine, light oak, dark oak)
- raised legs (100 mm), facilitates cleaning under the device
- latte macciato feet, allows the use of high latte macciato glasses, tap height 140 mm
Description Coffee machine Metos OptiMe 11 with white panel
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity Brewing time/cup: 25-30sec.
Item width mm 380
Item depth mm 515
Item height mm 540/600
Package volume 0.154 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 40x55x70 cm
Net weight 32 kg
Package weight 38 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 2.2
Connection voltage V 220-240
Number of phases 1NPE
Frequency Hz 50/60
Type of electrical connection Plug
Electrical conn. inlet Right,Behind,Bottom
Electrical conn. height mm 30
Cold water diam. 3/4"
Cold water conn. inlet Bottom,Behind,Left
Cold water conn. height mm 30
Sound level dB 70