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Cold drawer Metos Proff Eco NT-2000-GN3-GN3-GN3-GN3-MDU

Cold drawer Metos Proff NT-2000-GN3-GN3-GN3-GN3-MDU works as a handy work table while offering the ingredients within the arm's reach. Metos Proff refrigeratio…

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Cold drawer Metos Proff NT-2000-GN3-GN3-GN3-GN3-MDU works as a handy work table while offering the ingredients within the arm's reach. Metos Proff refrigeration and dispensing equipment are designed for different purposes of the professional kitchens and can function as separate units as well as the complete sets of distribution lines. Convertibility, easy-to-operate elements, seamless connectivity of the furniture and equipment and last but not the least, their hygiene, ergonomics and easy cleaning - these are the features that Proff-equipment brings to your kitchen.

Metos Proff NT-2000-GN3-GN3-GN3-GN3-MDU cold drawer counter has drawers for thirteen GN1/1-150 containers. Over extension telescopic slides enable the easy replacement of the GN-containers as well as the flawless and quick opening and closing of the drawers.

The device is made of stainless steel and has a smooth, insulated neutral countertop with a rounded front edge. The temperature adjustment range of the refrigerator is from +3°C to +10°C. The cast urethane insulation keeps the cool air inside the device and the efficient cooling fan distributes the air evenly all over the drawer. This cold drawer counter has an electronic control with a digital temperature display. The control panel is retracted and thus protected from any collisions.

Hygienic stainless steel countertop, rounded corners and tool-free removable drawer slides make it easy to clean the device. Ergonomic and smooth surface with plastic handles can be easily kept clean. Removable and washable filter at the front part of the condenser keeps the cool air inside the device clean and at the same time prevents the device from getting dirty. The device has an automatic defrosting and evaporation of the meltwater, as well as a standard drainage possibility. The sealing gaskets of the drawers can be replaced without any tools. The cool drawers are supplied with connectors for power cables at the bottom of the device, making it easier to keep the floor under the device clean.

- capacity 13xGN1/1-150 drawers (GN-containers are not included in the delivery)
- over extension telescopic slides
- temperature adjustment range is +3°C... +10°C
- digital temperature screen
- electronic control
- stainless steel structure
- cast urethane gasket
- removable and washable condenser filter
- automatic defrosting and evaporation of meltwater
- easy-to-change gaskets
- nondetachable refrigerator at the right side of the device
- adjustable feet +20...-45 mm
- refrigerant R290

- connectors for power cables

ACCESSORIES (to be ordered separately):
- GN containers
- bottom panel for the drawer
- drawer's internal frame for GN-containers of different sizes
- wheels (code: 4321300)
- connectable device for the central hook piece
- Brine-cooled device
Description Cold drawer Metos Proff Eco NT-2000-GN3-GN3-GN3-GN3-MDU
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 13 x GN1/1-150
Inside measures mm 2000×650×900 mm
Item width mm 2000
Item depth mm 650
Item height mm 900
Package volume 1.654 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 210x75x105 cm
Net weight 184.65 kg
Package weight 215.65 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 0.53
Fuse Size A 10
Connection voltage V 220-240
Number of phases 1NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Startup current A 2.3
Protection rating (IP) 43
Type of the refrigerant R290
Quantity of refrigerant g 92
Function cold
GN size 13xGN1/1-150
Power range kW 0.53
Lighting without lighting
Upper part without upper part
Model Proff
Amount of drawers 13
Stowage drawers
Defrosting automatic
Installation free standing

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