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Metos iVario 2-XS with standard 90mm feet

Metos iVario 2-XS with 90 mm plastic feet. Two pans to be operated independently of each other. Capacity 2 x 17 litres effective volume and 2 x 13 dm² cooking s…

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Metos iVario 2-XS with 90 mm plastic feet. Two pans to be operated independently of each other. Capacity 2 x 17 litres effective volume and 2 x 13 dm² cooking surface.

iVario The iVario is one of the most modern cooking systems for maximum productivity, flexibility and simplicity when boiling, frying, deep-frying and pressure cooking, and therefore replaces almost all conventional cooking appliances. Its unique heating technology offers maximum power and precision, and thanks to its intelligent cooking assistants, who thinks and supports you to achieve outstanding food quality every time, without any monitoring or checking. Up to 4 times as fast, with up to 40% less energy and a huge space gain compared to conventional cooking appliances. This means that an iVario Pro will pay for itself within just a few months.

Intelligent assistants iVarioBoost iVarioBoost is the patented heating technology made from ceramic heating elements, which are connected with the fast-response, scratch-resistant high-performance pan base. Therefore, the iVario heats the pan evenly to 200 oC (392 °F) in less than 90 seconds and quickly reduces its temperature, if necessary. At the same time, there is enough reserve capacity available to quickly absorb temperature fluctuations when searing large quantities or pouring in liquid. For you this means maximum performance, but also no sticking or boiling over. As a result, you get the best food quality, up to 4 times greater productivity, 17 % less roast losses and 40 % less energy consumption.

iCookingSuite The iCookingSuite is your intelligent cooking assistance for the iVario, providing ease of use and the greatest possible support for cooking. Intelligent sensors in the pan base recognise the load size, the condition and size of the food, and continually adjust the cooking process. As soon as you need to take some action, the iCookingSuite will let you know. For you this means full reliability and a high standard of quality. At the same time, you save on monitoring, time, raw materials and energy.

iZoneControl (optional) With iZoneControl, you can divide the pan base into individual heating zones and operate them with different temperatures or cooking paths. Areas that are not in use are not heated. This makes one big iVario into four little iVarios. You specify the desired result and start the cooking sequence for the desired zones. And because iZoneControl makes suggestions as to which zone is best for your foods, you can work even more efficiently, and save time and energy. For you this means high flexibility, time savings and always having everything under control.

Programming mode With the programme management, manual programmes can be intuitively created and intelligent cooking paths can be saved and clearly managed with their customised settings > Boiling: 30 °C - boiling temperature > Roasting: 30 °C - 250 °C > Deep-frying: 30 °C - 180 °C

Unit description and functional features Intelligent functions > Intelligent energy and temperature management with high power reserves and accurate heat distribution over the entire pan surface area > Intelligent cooking path control for automatic adaptation of the cooking process to the defined desired result e.g. browning and degree of cooking to achieve this safely and efficiently, regardless of the operator, the amount of food to be cooked and the loaded volume > Intelligent, automatic lifting of cooking and deep-frying baskets for perfect cooking results, optimal ergonomics and resource efficiency > Accurate monitoring and calculation to reproduce optimal cooking results > Interrupt intelligent cooking paths or switch intelligent cooking in à la carte mode for maximum flexibility > Individual, intuitive programming by drag-and-drop of up to 1,200 cooking programmes with up to 12 steps > Easy transfer of cooking programmes to other cooking systems with secure cloud connection with ConnectedCooking or with a USB stick > Self-learning operation that adapts to usage behaviour, such as the intelligent sorting of frequently used recipes > Automatic recommencement and optimal completion of a cooking sequence despite power failures

Cooking functions > Core temperature probe with 6 measuring points, magnetic core probe holder and an ergonomic handle as well as automatic error correction in the event of incorrect readings > Automatic water filling with accuracy to one litre (units can be set in litres or gallons) > Direct emptying of cooking or cleaning water through the integrated pan drain (without tipping over, without floor drain) > Pan can be moved with electric cylinders, controlled via the display > Fast-response, scratch-resistant high performance pan base > Integrated hand shower with automatic return and spray and single jet function > Integrated country-specific socket (for voltages with neutral conductor) > Delta-T cooking for particularly gentle preparation with minimal cooking losses > Digital temperature display, can be set in °C or °F, display of target and actual values > 24 hour real time clock with automatic switching to and from daylight savings when connected with ConnectedCooking > Automatic pre-selected starting time with variable date and time > Adjustable display language > Digital timer 0-24 hours with permanent settings, optional setting in hr/min or min/sec. > 24 hour real time clock

Networking > Integrated Ethernet interface (optional) for wired connection to the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking > Integrated USB interface for local data exchange > Central unit management, recipe, shopping cart and programme management, HACCP data management, maintenance management by means of ConnectedCooking

Occupational and operational safety > Direct emptying of cooking or cleaning water through the integrated pan drain (without tipping over, without floor drain) > Operating and warning display, e.g. hot oil when deep frying > Electronic safety temperature limiter > Touch temperature of the pan covering maximum 73 °C (163 °F) > HACCP data storage and output by USB or optional storage and management in the cloud-based networking solution

ConnectedCooking > Cooking system approved for unsupervised operation (e.g. overnight cooking) > Integrated screen lock to prevent accidental operation

Installation, maintenance and environment > Cold water connection (incl. water inlet hose 1.5 m (59 in)) > Plastic feet with 90 mm (3.5 inches) height > Plastic feet with 45 mm (1.8 inches) height including sealing base (optional) > Professional installation by certified technicians recommended by RATIONAL > Fixed waste water connection conforming to SVGW requirements is permitted > Setup without a floor drain possible > Splash-proof and hose-proof to IPX 5 > Adjustable to the installation location (height above sea level) > Can be operated without water softening system > Can be installed flush with the floor and wall > Base frame with feet, stainless steel feet, swivel castors or electrically height adjustable (up to 200 mm (7.9 inches)) for the best working conditions at all times > Service diagnosis system with an automatic indicator of service messages and a self-test function for active assessment of unit functions. > Regular maintenance is recommended. Maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations is available from METOS service partners > Energy efficiency tested in accordance with DIN 18873 and consumption values published in the HKICert database (http://

Operation > 10.1" TFT colour display and high-resolution, capacitive touchscreen with self-explanatory symbols for simple, intuitive operation using simple touch gestures > Central dial with push function for intuitive selection and confirmation of entries > Acoustic prompt and visual display when user intervention is required > Application and operating instructions can be accessed on the unit display according to the action > The height-adjustable base frame (accessories) is easily operated with the unit display > More than 44 languages are configurable for the user interface and help function > Specially adapted cooking parameters for international or country-specific dishes can be selected and started, regardless of the language set for the unit > Comprehensive search function with the search assistant in all help content > Display of help content with a link to the content as well as starting application examples directly from the help function > Easy selection of cooking paths using cooking methods > Simple multi-level programming, manual cooking parameters with the building block approach with drag 7 drop function > Remote view of the cooking system (also on the app) with ConnectedCooking > Cockpit function to display information about the process of a cooking path > Customisation and control function of user profiles and access rights to prevent operator errors

Cleaning and care > Material inside and outside stainless steel > Hygienic, floor-level installation for easy, safe cleaning with the option 45 mm (1.8 inches) feet including sealing base > Airtight hygiene pan with rounded corners > Easy and safe cleaning of the glass and stainless steel surfaces and spray and jet water protection IPX 5

Accessories package (included) > 2 x arms for automatic lifting and lowering type 2-XS, 2-S > 1 x cooking basket type 2-XS > 1 x frying basket type 2-XS > 1 x drain filter type 2-XS, 2-S > 1 x cleaning sponge

Options > Capability to connect to an energy optimisation system > Blocked deep-frying mode > Special voltages on request > Dry contact > Connection preparation "SOLAS" (Safety of Live on Sea) > Without hand shower > WiFi > Lockable control panel > Ethernet port > Low temperature cooking (sous vide, confit, overnight cooking) > iZoneControl - 4 independent and configurable cooking zones > Socket protected with circuit breaker (for voltages with neutral conductor) > Without socket > Plastic feet with a height of 45 mm (1.8 inches) including sealing base

Accessories > Spatula > Arm for automatic raising/lowering mechanism > Cooking and deep frying basket > Sieve > Pan base grid > Kits for serving baskets > Pasta sieve > Pan division > VarioMobil > Basket cart > Base frame, with feet, with swivel castors, electrically height adjustable for base installation > Unit mounting kit > Cleaning kit > Unit connection kit
Description Metos iVario 2-XS with standard 90mm feet
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 2 x 17 litres
Item width mm 1100
Item depth mm 756
Item height mm 485
Package volume 1.173 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 120x85x115 cm
Net weight 110 kg
Package weight 135 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 14
Fuse Size A 20
Connection voltage V 400
Number of phases 3NPE
Frequency Hz 50/60
Type of electrical connection Semifixed
Cold water diam. R3/4"
Drain diameter 40

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