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Mixer Metos Bear AR30 VL-1S electronic steering

Powerful but quiet motor, stepless speed control, unique bowl clamping system and digital timer makes this electronic controlled Metos Bear AR30 VL-1S mixer an …

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Powerful but quiet motor, stepless speed control, unique bowl clamping system and digital timer makes this electronic controlled Metos Bear AR30 VL-1S mixer an incomparable kitchen help.

The bowl lifting and lowering and also stepless speed control are controlled by the buttons of control panel. By using the digital timer it is possible to set the automatic bowl lowering when mixing is ended. Pause function retains the machine settings and is handy when adding spices. The variable speed system ensures the mixer processes all ingredients optimally. The speed is reduced to minimum when the mixer stops.

The Metos Bear AR30 VL-1S mixer features a unique clamping system. The bowl is placed between the bowl arms that lifts the bowl into place and automatically raises it to the correct working height.

The capacity of Metos Bear AR30 VL-1S for 30 liter bowl; 16 kg bread dough 50%, 18 kg mashed potatoes, 7,5 liter whipped cream.

The transparent safety guard protects against dust and also prevents the flour dusting to the room. The safety guard has an integrated filling chute. The guard can be removed without any mechanical fittings.

A control panel has a smooth uniform surface with recessed buttons and rubber sealing for improved hygiene. The machine body is made of powder coated steel which makes it easy to clean. The bowl, beater and hook are made of stainless steel and are therefore dishwasher safe.

The stainless steel scraper, which is available as an optional accessory, is equipped with Teflon blade. The scraper keeps the sides of the bowl clean and eliminates the need for manual scraping. Using the scraper you will increase mixing volume and improve the utilization of the raw materials. A stop during whipping and mixing is totally unnecessary.

- Floor model
- Bowl 30 liter
- Stepless speed control, electronic
- Electronic bowl lifting and lowering
- Automatic bowl lowering by using the timer
- Pause function
- Digital timer displaying minutes and seconds
- Plastic safety guard
- Belt driven
- White power coated machine body
- Emergency stop button

- Stainless steel bowl
- Aluminium whip with stainless steel wires
- Stainless steel beater
- Stainless steel hook

ACCESSORIES (to be ordered separately):
- B tools (bowl 15 liter, whip, beater, hook)
- 1 mm reinforced whip
- Stainless steel whip no. 14
- Scraper with holder for 30 liter bowl, scraper for 15 liter bowl
- Bowl trolleys for 30 and 15 liter bowls
- Bowl lift Easy Lift 30-60
- Tool rack
Description Mixer Metos Bear AR30 VL-1S electronic steering
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 30 litres bowl
Item width mm 520
Item depth mm 910
Item height mm 1210
Package volume 1.006 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 68x108x137 cm
Net weight 180 kg
Package weight 205 kg
Technical information
Connection power kW 1
Fuse Size A 16
Connection voltage V 400
Number of phases 3NPE
Frequency Hz 50
Protection rating (IP) 32
Type of electrical connection Semifixed
Speed rpm 451
Power range kW 1
Bowl transfer electronic
Attachment drive 2
Timer Yes
Installation floor model

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