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Slicing machine Metos Volano B114 red

Metos Volano is the aristocracy of manual slicing machines, where millimeter-accurate slicing technology is combined with traditional design and color scheme. T…

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Metos Volano is the aristocracy of manual slicing machines, where millimeter-accurate slicing technology is combined with traditional design and color scheme. The result is a machine like a sculpture - Metos Volano, with which prosciutto, salami and other demanding products can be sliced exactly as the user wants them. Always as fast and consistent, minimizing product loss. This model has a slice thickness adjustment system with decimal precision. The maximum thickness of the slice is 1.5 mm and the diameter of the blade is 320 mm. The eye-catching appearance of the device is dominated by a retro-spirited flywheel attached to a sturdy aluminum frame. The red-painted surface of the slicing machine and the chrome-plated and shiny stainless steel details make it stand out from any environment. The retro red color and shape are well suited for open kitchens, deli points and other similar installations where slicing is done close to customer premises. The device is at its best when mounted on a stand of the same shade of red. Despite its traditional appearance, working with the Volano is quick and effortless, and daily cleaning routines do not take longer than with other slicing machines. This allows the device to be used in high-volume applications as well. This flywheel operated cutter does not require an electrical connection. The product to be sliced is locked with clips against the cutting table, after which the flywheel is rotated clockwise. The movement of the flywheel causes the blade to rotate, the carriage to move back and forth and the feeder to push the product towards the blade during the return movement. The adjustable holder and feed plate are shaped to hold air-dried hams and other irregularly shaped pieces firmly in place. This and the carefully controlled movement of the carriage always guarantee uniform cutting results, even with sensitive products and very thin slice thicknesses. Thanks to the large flywheel and optimized transmission, the carriage and the blade move easily by rotating with one hand while the other hand is free to receive the finished slices.

- cutting capacity, round product Ø215 mm
- frame in red painted aluminum
- shiny stainless steel and chrome colored levels and controls
- a blade and carriage moving by means of a manually rotated flywheel
- vertical blade, Ø320 mm
- easy to use and precise slice thickness adjustment
- slice thickness adjustable to decimal precision from 0 to 1.5 mm
- stainless steel guide plate, receiving tray and feed tray
- shaped feed plate and adjustable holder lock the product to be sliced firmly in place and allow a uniform result even with very thin slices and high speeds
- built-in sharpener
- the easily removable guide plate, receiving tray, carriage and sharpener ensure quick cleaning
- a fixed blade guard protects the user when cleaning the machine
- the safety switch prevents the machine from starting if the carriage is not attached

ACCESSORIES (to be ordered separately):
- a cast iron stand suitable for the design and color of the device
Description Slicing machine Metos Volano B114 red
Dimensions and Capacity
Product capacity 0-1,5 mm slices
Item width mm 555/825
Item depth mm 415/670
Item height mm 700+95
Package volume 0.448 m3
Package dimensions (LxWxH) 86x79x66 cm
Net weight 55 kg
Package weight 65 kg