Metos Estonia Sales Director received recognition from the Estonian Ministry of Defense

12/5/23 8:00 AM
Metoksen Viron myyntijohtaja Tarmo Syld (oik) sai tunnustuksen Viron puolustusministeriöltä.

Tarmo Syld, Sales Manager of Metos Estonia, was honored with a golden badge as a recognition from the Estonian Ministry of Defense at the end of November. The acknowledgment was given for "persistent good cooperation and a significant contribution to the development of the Defense Forces' food service infrastructure."

– There has been collaboration since I started with Metos in Estonia in 1997, and up to this day, we have a long list of projects with the Defense Forces," Tarmo shares about the cooperation behind the recognition.

– We have designed several kitchens, conducted various analyses of their food preparation, and acted as consultants. We have also, for example, traveled abroad – including our headquarters in Finland – to learn how to design food preparation technology as efficiently as possible. We have been involved in reinforcing that the Defense Forces' decisions regarding food preparation are correct. So, we have been in an expert role in developing their food preparation technology and processes, he explains.

The Estonian Defense Forces have the largest kitchens in Estonia, with the largest kitchens serving 3,500 meals per day.

– Metos is a major operator, bringing confidence to the implementation of kitchen projects. Continuity is essential for the Defense Forces. Even in difficult times, they know that the work does not stop, says Tarmo.

Tarmo Syld at the Ministry of Defense event.

Tarmo is pleased with the recognition and emphasizes that it is a collective achievement.

– It feels great that they also appreciate our collaboration! Thanks for this goes to the entire organization, both in Estonia and at the Metos group level, he notes.

The Ministry of Defense acknowledges and thanks individuals and organizations every year who have supported the development of Estonia's national defense. This year, Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur recognized over 200 individuals and organizations who contributed to national defense and supported Ukraine in the war, according to the Ministry's directive.

– Everyone highlighted today has left a significant mark on the development of Estonia's national defense over the past year. Deep respect and thanks to everyone for this," expressed Pevkur.

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Metos Estonia Sales Director received recognition from the Estonian Ministry of Defense
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