Periodic maintenance has an important goal: to ensure the continuity of a professional kitchen's operations

10/9/23 8:02 AM
Timo Lehikoinen painottaa, että keittiö toimii ja tuottaa, kun laitteiden huolto pelaa.

In professional kitchens, the importance of maintenance is increasing due to the intense efficiency requirements kitchens face. "The equipment has been purchased to be used in production, and this is best achieved by keeping it in good condition," says Metos Maintenance's Service Manager Timo Lehikoinen. "In today’s world, the role of periodic maintenance cannot be overstated."

The maintenance of a professional kitchen starts during the warranty period – just like with cars. "When we do periodic maintenance proactively, the equipment works every day. If repair maintenance is needed, something is already broken," says Lehikoinen. 

Periodic maintenance helps you get the full benefit of your investment – the equipment works and is productive throughout its entire life cycle. During the periodic maintenance visits, we can also ensure that the kitchen equipment complies with the current regulations and that occupational safety is in order. 

Responsible service across Finland

Metos Maintenance helps its customers all across Finland with all maintenance needs. Our maintenance organization of almost 100 professionals focuses on the maintenance of Metos equipment, doing scheduled maintenance and solving acute problems. "All our technicians are professional electricians, and on top of that they have Metos' own training and equipment knowledge collected during long employment relationships," says Timo Lehikoinen. 

The equipment selection offered by Metos is huge, and the technology changes and develops all the time. "We focus on the maintenance of Metos products to ensure that our technicians have the necessary expertise," emphasizes service manager Lehikoinen.

High-quality equipment maintenance is a responsible choice on the part of both Metos and the customer. Maintenance significantly extends the life of the equipment and postpones the need for new investments. In addition, a serviced device always works energy-efficiently.

Focusing on customer satisfaction

Focusing on serving professional kitchen customers gives our maintenance services a solid foundation for customer satisfaction. "Our own maintenance organization, our own spare parts warehouses – in the technicians' cars, locally in different parts of Finland and at the central warehouse in Kerava – continuous training and getting to know the customers and equipment create a good basis for satisfaction," Lehikoinen lists.

"We monitor customer satisfaction all the time," says Lehikoinen. "Our latest grade for overall satisfaction was 8.8. We think working together with our customers is one reason for such a good grade.”

Although the importance of periodic maintenance is growing, repair maintenance always also has its own role. The goal of Metos' repair maintenance is to handle 80% of cases within one business day. 

The service ID is a direct link to the product’s “personal information”

According to Timo Lehikoinen, the product's maintenance history starts with the kitchen design. "The right product for each need, correctly installed," he sums up. "And the next step is correct use.”

"An A-code (service ID) is immediately glued to each Metos product during the installation phase, based on which we can find all the necessary information." No need to guess – all past, present and predictive information can be found in the register as long as Metos is responsible for maintenance. "Things must be easy for customers. One service ID and one national phone number is all you need to get help.”

Is periodic maintenance a good option for you?

If you are interested in the benefits of periodic maintenance, please contact us. A maintenance contract can be a reasonable option even when a product/kitchen has been in operation for a longer time.

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Metos Maintenance Service Manager Timo Lehikoinen: 

Timo Lehikoinen's first profession was as a chef in large production kitchens. In his current job, he helps other kitchen professionals to succeed: a kitchen works productively while the maintenance runs smoothly. "If I don't know something, at least I know who to ask.", he describes his long experience at Metos. In his free time, Timo enjoys good food, exercising and working in positions of trust.

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Periodic maintenance has an important goal: to ensure the continuity of a professional kitchen's operations