Tunneldiskmaskin METOS WD-331E TOUCH H-V

Metos WD 331E TOUCH- Rack conveyor machine is reliable and cost-effective rack conveyor machine with unique basket feed system allows operators to adjust their …

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Metos WD 331E TOUCH- Rack conveyor machine is reliable and cost-effective rack conveyor machine with unique basket feed system allows operators to adjust their contact time and the capacity depending on how heavily soiled the dishware is. TOUCH DISPLAY is self-explanatory and angled, made in tempered glass. Works even if you are wearing gloves or have wet hands.

Feeding direction right-left, length 3455mm incl. Loading hood 170mm, Prewash 900mm, Chemical wash 1800mm, Triple final rinse 585mm.

- Infeed size 538'440mm
- User-friendly - Ergonomically designed to provide a good working environment
- The WD-Touch display guides you through the washing process with an intuitive touch screen and ensures the washing temperature. Easy navigation with built-in user manuals. Quick error reporting simplifies servicing and minimizes unnecessary downtime.
- Low operating costs and a reduced environmental impact
- Triple rinse for reduced final rinse water consumption
- Excellent wash results - Long washing zones with powerful pumps
- Long service life and easy servicing- Made entirely of stainless steel
- Improved hygiene with vertical self-emptying wash- and rinse pumps
- Electrical connection of PRE-RINSE by the dishwasher
- PRE-RINSE using excess water from the dishwasher
- Electricity and water connections from top
- Drain integrated in the machine for easy cleaning and draining
- ECO-FLOW - condensing unit with heat recovery by the exhausted steam
- Wash arms in stainless steel, with quick fit/ emoval function. Easily cleaned and without end covers
- Removable doors for the periodical cleaning
- Easy servicing - the machine is serviced from the front
- Single lever for emptying the tanks, automatic closing of tanks when refilling is starting
- Monitoring system of the machine's various functions - Panel which displays the information
- Web Tool with HACCP documentation
- Contactor for entry and exit conveyor. Note! It's always necessary to specify the motor power of the conveyor. If not specified, protective motor switch of 0,63-1A will be delivered. OPTIONS
- Pre-rinse zone L=400 mm
- Drying zone WD-T60 L=600 mm, insulated. Power 3,3 kW.
- Stand with grid shelf
- Stand with plane shelf
- Drying zone WD-T80, to turn track L=820 mm, insulated, for connection to the or machine driven WD turn track. Power 3,3 kW.
- Double drying zone WD-T90 L=900 mm, insulated. With stand. Power 6,6 kW.
- Grid shelf
- Plane shelf
- Divided between machine and drying zone
- Marine version and other voltage selection on request
- Steam heated design, steam pressure 50-149 kPa
- Steam heated design, steam pressure 150 - 250 kPa
- Break tank included with booster pump
- Booster heater 12 kW for re-circulating final rinse
- RO-water connection
- Stainless pipes and couplings in final rinse
- Cold water connection
- Water connection from floor
- Timer for pre-rinse
- Timer for through-rinse
- Timer for chain-rinse
- Timer start, machine ready for wash
- Contactor for control of pre-rinse without timer
- Contactor for pre-rinse with booster pump
- Connection power restriction for example Sicotronic
- External power indication
- Auto self-cleaning of wash zone
- Auto self-cleaning of condense battery
- Auto self-cleaning of wash zone + condense battery
- Web Tool with HACCP documentation for cost- and consumption report
- Possibility to interlock the booster heater

- Ask more from Metos Sales
- Conduit for connection cable, L=1200 mm

- Pump, pre-wash (kW) 1.5
- Pump, chemical wash 1 (kW) 1.5
- Pump, chemical wash 2 (kW) 1.5
- Pump, chemical wash 3 (kW) -
- Pump, recirculating final rinse (kW) 0.11
- Fan, heat recovery (kW) 0.12
- Motor, feeder (kW) 0.12
- Booster heater 1 (kW) 12
- Booster heater 2 (kW) 12
- Heater, chemical wash 1 (kW) 9
- Heater, chemical wash 2 (kW) 9
- Heater, chemical wash 3 (kW) -
- Heat recovery unit, cooling area (m2) 25
- Fan heat recovery, capacity (m³/h) 100
- Tank volume, pre-wash tank (liters) 77
- Tank volume, wash tank 1 (liters) 100
- Tank volume, wash tank 2 (liters) 100
- Tank volume, wash tank 3 (liters) -
- Tank volume, final rinse tank (liters) 6
- Weight, dishwasher in operation (kg) 900
- Degree of protection (IP) 55
- Total connected power (kW 47.6
- Main fuse 400V 3N~(A)* 80
- Max. connection area 400V 3N~ (L1-L3, N, PE) Cu (mm²) 35,,
- Hot water connection 50-65°C (internal thread) R ½"
- Cold water connection 5-12°C (internal thread) R ½"
- Drain connection, PP pipe (ø mm) 50
- Water capacity, pressure (kPa) 250-600
- Water capacity, flow (liters/min) 11
- Floor drain, capacity (liters/sec) 3
- Heat load to the room (total, sensible, latent) (kW) 11 / 6.5 / 4.5

- Capacity normal wash (baskets/h) 150-230*
- Capacity according to DIN 10510 (baskets/h) 190
- Max capacity interlocked booster heater (baskets/h) 220
- Cold water consumption, final rinse normal (liters/basket) 1.5
- Sound level (dB) 68
Beskrivning Tunneldiskmaskin METOS WD-331E TOUCH H-V
Mått och kapacitet
Produktkapasitet 190 korgar/timme (DIN 10510)
Bredd mm 3455
Djup mm 697
Höjd mm 1675/1950
Paketvolym 6,24 m3
Dimensioner på förpackning (LxBxH) 390x80x200 cm
Nettovikt med ental 605 kg
Vikt inkl. emballage 680 kg
Teknisk information
Anslutningseffekt kW 47.6
Säkringsstorlek A 80
Spänning V 400
Antal faser 3NPE
Frekvens Hz 50
Kapslingsklass (IP) 55
Kallvatten diameter 1/2"
Kallvatten, flöde l/min 11
Kallvatten, min tryck kPa 250
Kallvatten, max tryck kPa 600
Varmvatten, diameter 1/2"
Varmvatten, gänga Innergänga
Varmvatten, flöde l/min 11
Varmvatten, min tryck kPa 100
Varmvatten, max tryck kPa 600
Varmvatten, höjd mm 1395
Avlopp, diameter 50
Avlopp, flöde l/s 3
Kräver golvbrunn Ja
Ljudnivå dB 68
HACCP-möjlighet YES
Värmeavgivning, sensitiv W 6500
Värmeavgivning, latent W 4500
Ånggenerator kW 24
Driftstyp Elektronisk
Diskkorgsstorlek mm 500x500
Antal program 2
Isolering Isolerad
Diskmetod Normal disk
Tömningspump 2
Energi och förbrukning
Anslutningseffekt Elektrisk


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